Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quote of the Day: Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was recently interviewed by James Lipton on BRAVO's INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO.  He was asked what it was like to work wearing so much make-up in THE MASK and he said it was "horrendous" and then he added the following:

"The thing I'd love to share with people is that it's much more than just acting. You gotta transcend whatever bullshit is going on around you at the time and actually make a performance happen. That's really the work of acting. I call it "distr-acting." I always feel like acting schools should do scene work, get them (the actors) to a certain level of excellence, and then bring the scene up while I throw tennis balls at your head and let's see how you do!" - Jim Carrey

Auditioning is great practice for being on the set. It will rarely be a perfect scenario or an ideally nurturing environment. The Casting Director or Director or Producers might be moody or distracted for whatever reason during your audition, or you might hear other actors in the waiting room outside - whatever the distraction, your job is still to give a great performance.

I had an actor share that once during an audition, the casting director was pumping breast milk while the actor was auditioning!! Okay, hopefully that will never happen to you but... consider the audition as practice for doing the job. Any set or location is a buzzing beehive of activity and distractions. If you encounter distractions during the auditioning process, just say to yourself:  "Bring it on. I can handle it!" and give a great performance anyway!

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